The Stuttgart Markthalle is an operating part of the company Märkte Stuttgart GmbH. The Markthalle was built according to the plans of the architect Prof. Martin Elsässer and officially opened in January 1914. The art nouveau building constructed with reinforced concrete girders and a hall covered by a glass roof is in the meantime a listed building.

Today, the Markthalle is a well known and loved jewel whose attraction stretches far beyond the city limits and an exquisite shopping area for the community. Meanwhile, it has become an important economic factor and offers a means of existence to numerous retail outlets and service providers.

The concept of the Markthalle forms the basis for success: Special freshness with premium quality, a large variety of goods to choose from, with specialities from many countries.

The gastronomy area offers opportunities for enjoyable pauses, for example in the restaurant Markthallengaststätte, or the Mediterranean style restaurant Empore, and the Spanish Tapas-Bar. In accordance with its original designation, the first upper floor has been re-opened completely as a market hall and with the selection of sophisticated lifestyle culture, it harmonizes charmingly with the booths on the ground floor.

The Markthalle offers a special shopping experience through the symbiosis of:

  • Well balanced and sophisticated choice of goods
  • Historic architecture
  • Inviting and cosy restaurants